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Dream Eyewear Australia is proudly partnered with i=Change, giving back $1 from every sale to support:

We are a small business, and we know how important it is to help others and make a positive impact however and wherever we can. This love of community development and growth has led to us proudly partnering with i=Change, meaning that every time you purchase from us, $1 is donated to a charity project that desperately needs our support.

“Weaving philanthropy into our everyday purchases represents one of the most powerful opportunities to create a new funding stream and positively impact communities around the world.” - i=Change

Find out more about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals .

To track our progress, visit our live tracking page here, and if you are as amazed by this cause as we are, you can learn more at

You can also shop with other brands that give back to amazing causes!

“Let’s contribute to building the world we want to see. With my dollar, I’m choosing change” - i=Change

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