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Our Story

Dream Eyewear Australia - Helping to protect your children’s eyes, so they can learn and thrive.  

Welcome to the digital age. The age where learning has evolved, and where everything that you and your children could ever need to know is right there, at your fingertips. Over recent years, the reliance of technology in our lives, homes, work and education has grown rapidly. Digital technology and our clever little devices are here to make our lives and the way we learn so much easier, and they are certainly here to stay. Whilst this is exciting, Dream Eyewear Australia believes that we need to grow with our ever-evolving world by protecting the precious eyes of our little ones, and by providing families with education on how to use technology safely and effectively. This is why we started Dream Eyewear Australia.  

Hi, we are Julia and Tarek - the DreamTeam behind Dream Eyewear Australia.

Together, we have over 10 years of professional experience in education and development, as well as in health and nutrition.
We created Dream Eyewear Australia in 2020 when we realised that there was a lack of blue light blocking glasses available in the Australian market specifically made for children. Children need protective eyewear just as much as adults, so we knew we needed to create something unique for kids, which focused on exactly what they need.  
We wanted our products to be tested by kids, loved by kids and LOVED even more by parents, because they actually work.
We are so proud of what we have created for our next generation, and we are even more proud that Dream Eyewear Australia is now one of the very first blue light blocking eyewear brands in Australia, that is specifically designed just for kids.
We hope you love our blue light blocking glasses as much as our little DreamTeam squad do.

“I am a Primary School Teacher, and I have a passion for shaping the bright young minds of the future whilst focusing on their developmental needs. As a teacher, I have seen the effects that using devices can have on a child’s focus, their health, and how well they are able to control their emotions. I knew there was a way that we could help nurture and protect their little eyes, whilst bringing their focus back to living a balanced life. This is one of the main reasons why we created Dream Eyewear Australia - so your children (the future generations) can learn to use the technology that they are surrounded by in the safest and healthiest way possible.” - Julia.

“I am a Personal Trainer, and my mission is to improve the lives of my clients through a holistic approach to health, movement and nutrition. Over time I have watched clients of all ages rely more and more on using their devices, instead of moving their bodies in a healthy, meaningful and balanced way. I knew we could help parents and children alike - by helping them achieve a better balance in their life, whilst still embracing the technology we all now rely on. This is why I am so excited about Dream Eyewear Australia. We don’t just protect the eyes of our little ones. We also provide educational support on how they can live a better life.” - Tarek.

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