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Our Philosophy

There is so much that drives us here at Dream Eyewear Australia.

So, let us tell you all about what makes us tick.

Our Vision

Our vision at Dream Eyewear Australia is to nurture the little eyes of our future, providing effective and fashionable eyewear that has been specifically - and solely - designed for our GenMinnies (ages 3-6) and GenJuniors (ages 6-9).  

We want to provide our little DreamTeam squad with high quality products that work, and that look great at the same.

But the vision that really drives us?  

We dream of getting a pair of blue light blocking glasses into the hands of every single Australian child, so every little dreamer has access to the protection they need as our technological future continues to grow and evolve.

This is what we hope for.  
This is what drives us.  
This is our commitment to you.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate our littlest DreamTeam squad members about the potential consequences of digital eyestrain from artificial devices.

We want them to understand the importance of moving their bodies and being active, whilst still using the technology that they love.

Through the education we provide, we aim to help both children and parents understand how they can best achieve a balanced life, whilst still embracing digital technology.

We don’t want you to buy our glasses and for that to be the end.

We want to help and support you and your children to live the healthiest and happiest life that you can, long after you have bought your blue light blocking glasses.

To learn more about how you can help protect your children against digital eyestrain - click here.

Our Love of Innovation

It is important to us that we never stop evolving as a business.  

Therefore, we are continuously focusing on innovation, making sure that we are using the best materials for both our eyewear and our packaging, and providing the best quality product to our DreamTeam customers.

The materials. 

Our glasses are made from Acetate, which makes them stronger and more durable.  

This is important to us because the more durable our glasses are, the less impact you will see from flimsy glasses ending up in landfill.  

We want to make this world better, so our glasses are made to last.


Our packaging is recyclable.  

This means that when you no longer need your box, you can recycle it so it is transformed into something else.  

This is important to us because making the world a better place means leaving less wastage to clutter it.  


We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products, production and packaging solutions further.  

We only want the best for our DreamTeam squad, and we will continue to strive towards finding the best solutions for the future.  

Find out more about our materials here.


Everyone is welcome at Dream Eyewear Australia.

No matter what race or religion you belong to, our brand is for you.

In fact, we believe that diversity is what makes our business and our community great.

Diversity helps us grow, learn, challenge stereotypes and push the boundaries.

Therefore it was important to us when developing our range of eyewear, that every child be included no matter what.

Our glasses are for you, all of you, and we cannot wait to see you shine while wearing them.

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