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Care instructions

Caring for your Dream Eyewear

Each pair of Dream Eyewearglasses comes with the following extras to ensure the right care for your frames and lenses:

a DirtBuster, which is a microfibre cloth for cleaning your blue-light glasses. We recommend using this between each wear to remove any dirt or marks from your lenses and keep your vision clear and uninterrupted.

a SleepPouch to keep them clean and ready for the next use. The microfibre material ensures that the lenses are protected from any potential scratches and abrasive dust.

We also recommend our DreamCatchers — soft, silicone attachments that provide extra grip on the end of the temple. These will prevent any potential sliding, discomfort, and/or readjustment while you are wearing your blue light glasses.

If you need to clean your Dream Eyewear glasses more thoroughly, please use a lotion-free/gentle liquid with a lint-free towel. You can also apply this same process to the DirtBuster, SleepPouch and DreamCatchers.
We do not recommend using hot water or any chemical-based cleaners, as it may affect the lens coating and cause faster wear-and-tear.
Do not leave your frames in a hot area or directly under the sun for an extended period. The heat may also affect the lens coating.

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