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Size Guide

How to find the right size for your glasses.

Unsure of your size? Our size guide for fitting glasses will help you ensure the perfect fit.  

Have you ever purchased a pair of glasses online that doesn’t quite measure up to your expectations? Well, we are here to help. The sizing of our glasses is reflected by 3 simple measurements.e.g. 49 - 17 - 125  

49 (lens width)

17 (bridge width)

125 (frame length)

Simply follow the steps below to ensure you are purchasing the right glasses for your little one before you actually buy.

Step 1. Measure the width of your child’s face.  

Have your child stand directly in front of you and look straight ahead.  

Take a ruler, and measure from one side of their temple to the other in mm's.

Write this measurement down, as you will need this for later.  


Step 2. Note the measurements of your child’s glasses style of choice.  

Daisy Mysa

45 - 18 - 125

Shop Daisy Mysa here

Cleo Mångata

45 - 17 - 125

Shop Cleo Mångata here

Myla Eunoia

48 - 17 - 125

Shop Myla Eunoia here

Hendriks Hygge

49 - 17 - 125

Shop Hendriks Hygge here

Step 3. Use the measurements to find the frame that will fit your child’s face size. 

- Take your child's measurements and minus the frames bridge size, e.g. 108 - 18 = 90

- Then divide the remaining measurement by 2 to calculate the best lens size, e.g. 90 / 2 = 45

- The lens size closest to this number will be the best fit for your child.


Things to consider when choosing your child's eyewear: 

All fit measurements are recorded in mm’s.  
Our frame lengths are all 125mm’s regardless of age, to provide the optimum fit from temple to ear.  
If you worry that this length will fall forward on your child, then we recommend purchasing a set of our DreamCatchers to provide extra grip and prevent slippage.  


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